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A Research & Development dispatched Center, designer and integrator of custom made solutions, built with open sourced and proven software components in accordance with robust standards and processes

Byzaneo is an IT services company specializing in the exchange, processing and management of electronic content.
Our expert team is dedicated to the implementation and integration projects around the world around cloud technologies and Open-Source.
We focus on the development, integration and monitoring of high quality hosted solutions. Checkout our h8lio solution.
Byzaneo was created in 2004 by an Open-Source committers team in order to meet a growing need for expertise in solutions server-side technologies in Open-Source.
Byzaneo has gained significant experience in content management, allowing its founders to establish themselves rapidly in major European accounts (UNESCO / EduFrance).
We have managed to adapt our mode of operation in order to stay closer to the open-source culture.
We also know how to share our experience and expertise with our customers through training and support.
We help customers and partners to succeed in their projects.
We provide support, training, integration and consulting to achieve our goal : your satisfaction.


We take care of your infrastructure,
get back to business!

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